A BLACK JESUS celebrates world premiere at DOK Leipzig

A Black Jesus

A BLACK JESUS, the new documentary film by Luca Lucchesi, produced by Wim Wenders together with Road Movies, will have its world premiere at this year’s DOK Leipzig Film Festival (October 26 to November 1) in the new audience competition The Golden Ratio.

A BLACK JESUS is the result of two years of intensive research in the community of Siculiana, the hometown of Lucas’ father. A BLACK JESUS is an intimate, political film: a personal testimony of faith, hope and love for humanity. The film is a modern parable about the thin line towards more equality and brotherhood among all people.

“I was very impressed by Luca’s camera work,” says Wim Wenders: “He shot this film in a format that is almost forbidden for documentary films, namely Cinemascope. But Luca manages to film these people with a lot of love and care and to document this conflict with this special aesthetic concept excellently”.

A BLACK JESUS appears in the distribution of Filmwelt and in the world distribution of Filmdelights.

DOK Leipzig Film Festival – A BLACK JESUS


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Photo: ‘A BLACK JESUS’ 2020 © Road Movies, Paolo Indelicato