About us

ROAD MOVIES was established in 1976 by Wim Wenders. The Berlin based company has been producing and co-producing over 100 arthouse films by Wim Wenders and various other directors, such as PARIS, TEXAS, WINGS OF DESIRE, BREAD AND ROSES, DON’T COME KNOCKING and PALERMO SHOOTING.

Documentary films have always played an important role for Road Movies with award-winning productions like BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB, PINA, and most recently A BLACK JESUS by Luca Lucchesi. With a total of three feature-length films in 3D, the company has also become a leading force in this technology. Through Wim Wenders’ installation TWO OR THREE THINGS I KNOW ABOUT EDWARD HOPPER, which was shown at the Fondation Beyeler (Riehen/Basel) in 2020, this competence was also demonstrated in the museum area.

We have several projects in development and pre-production: fictional films as well as feature documentaries by Wim Wenders and other promising directors. We are also developing high end documentary and drama series.

Road Movies is managed by Wim Wenders, who is supported by producers Karsten Brünig (Head of Production) and Léa Germain (Head of Development), Susann Knießner (Junior Producer), Keiko Olivia Tominaga (Management Wim Wenders I Wenders Images GbR), Sophia Schaefer (Production Assistant) and Andreas Pautsch (Financial Accountant). In 2021, Road Movies will welcome long time collaborators Hella Wenders and Luca Lucchesi as shareholders and producers in the company.

Road Movies is located in Berlin Mitte, inside the building complex of the old “Königstadt brewery”. It shares its office space with the “Wenders Images” (the photo studio by Wim and Donata Wenders) and the “Wim Wenders Stiftung”, a foundation which is based in Düsseldorf. Part of its administrative work, the restoration and digitization of Wim Wenders’ cinematic work is carried out from Berlin.