About us

Road Movies was established in 2008 by Wim Wenders as Neue Road Movies film production (NRM) in Berlin. It is managed by Wim Wenders, who is supported by in-house producers Léa Germain and Susann Knießner, production assistant and office manager Christine Rennert, personal assistant Keiko Olivia Tominaga and financial accountant Andreas Pautsch.

NRM has been producing documentary films, such as PINA, the series CATHEDRALS OF CULTURE, and most recently POPE FRANCIS – A MAN OF HIS WORD, but fictional films have always been the company’s other focus, from PALERMO SHOOTING via EVERY THING WILL BE FINE to SUBMERGENCE and THE BEAUTIFUL DAYS OF ARANJUEZ. With a history of altogether four feature-length films in 3D and several short films, NRM has been recognized as a leading force in the field.

Since September 2019 NRM is now officially Road Movies again. The name was originally used by “Road Movies Film Produktion GmbH” which was in operation for more than a quarter of a century. Founded 1974 in Berlin by Wim Wenders, it became one of the most successful independent arthouse production companies in Germany, producing and co-producing over one hundred national and international films out of Berlin. The company folded in 2001, in the turbulences of the “New Market” and with the bankruptcy of its mother company “Das Werk AG”.

Road Movies is located in Berlin Mitte, on Saarbrücker Str. 24, inside the building complex of the old “Königstadt brewery”. It shares its office space with three other companies. “Wenders Images” (the photo studio by Wim and Donata Wenders), the music label “Wenders Music” and the “Wim Wenders Stiftung”, a foundation which has its headquarters in Düsseldorf, but some of the administration and most of the restoration and digitalization of Wim Wenders’ cinematic work takes place in Berlin.