Domenico Lucano, mayor of Riace, arrested

“If we start arresting and imprisoning people of good will,
visionaries and great Europeans like “Mimmo” Domenico Lucano,
then we can soon give up on the entire idea of our European culture.
“Liberty, equality and fraternity” are written in big letters over our continent,
but “oppression, exclusion and hostility” are becoming the new slogans
of nationalists all over Europe who seem to forget
which misery and bloodshed their ideology brought over our home continent.
The past cannot be Europe’s future!

As I made a film about Riace and Mimmo in 2009 already,
I’m probably part of the “do-gooders” or “bleeding hearts”
that Italy’s Matteo Salvini is talking about.
Frankly, I’d rather be one of these “buonisti” for my entire life
than one of his “cattivisti” for one second.”

Wim Wenders