Alex, Brenda and Kevin, post-millennials from Rome’s countryside, are striving against the everyday life in order to give a sense to their existences. They are trying to be noticed and remembered along time, through the only possible way for them: aggressive, vulgar, primitive, pop and violent. Brenda, is pregnant: she will finally leave her “sign” in the world. Kevin, a 16-year-old guy, impulsive and very active on social networks, covers the city’s walls with his name: the more he stains, the stronger his mark in the world. Alex, Brenda’s boyfriend, has just turned 19-year-old and is about to become father. He relies on his friends in every way, but he cannot find a real reason or way to be remembered. What if the child is not even his baby? How can he leave a “sign” though?

Fiction Feature: Una Sterminata Domenica 


Director: Alain Perroni

Writers: Alain Perroni, Giulio Pennacchi

Production: Contea, Giorgio Gucci (IT)

Co Producers: Fandango, Alcor, Rai Cinema, Art Me Pictures, Domenico Procacci (IT) & Road Movies, Wim Wenders (Producer), Luca Lucchesi (Executive Producer)

Starring: Enrico Bassetti, Zackari Delmas, Federica Valentini & Lars Rudolph

Cinematography: Andrea Benjamin Manenti

Edited by: Riccardo Giannetti

Music by: Shirō Sagisu