Notes from a Day in the Life of an Architect

Peter Zumthor at Work

Peter Zumthor is an architect admired throughout the world, and one whose uncompromising approach to his work leads him to reject the trappings of star architecture. German filmmaker Wim Wenders meets the architect at work in his small studio in the village of Haldenstein, Switzerland. Wenders‘ film seeks to bring to light the combination of poetry, practicality and radical simplicity behind Zumthor’s work.

Regie: Wim Wenders

Kamera: Donata Wenders, Luca Lucchesi

Schnitt: Toni Froschhammer

Musik: Vera Kappeler and Peter Conradin Zumthor

Ton und Mischung: Ansgar Frerich

Produktion: Neue Road Movies with support of Rolf Sachs

Postproduktion: DIE BASISberlin & Schnittbar

Drehort: Atelier Peter Zumthor & Partner at Haldenstein, Switzerland