In the small town of Zaqazig, Egypt, 19 year-old SOUAD lives with her middle-class family, alongside her little sister, RABAB. SOUAD leads a double life online: to her family, she is virginal and veiled, but on Facebook, she is involved in multiple virtual relationships with men from other cities. Her closest relationship is with AHMED, a social media influencer from Alexandria with whom she has an ambiguous connection. While they speak on the phone every night, they never meet in person. SOUAD is obsessed with her public image and her looks. She constantly lies about her personal life to both friends and strangers; in these lies, she creates happy dream worlds of material abundance and romance, but her reality is constrained by her conservative society and family.

Fiction Feature 

Director: Ayten Amin

Writers: Ayten Amin & Mahmoud Ezzat

Production: Vivid Reels, Sameh Saleh Awad (EG)

Co Producers: Nomadic Images (Dora Bouchoucha), Fig Leaf Studios (Mark Lofty), Film Clinic Production (Mohamed Hefzy) Road Movies (Wim Wenders, Léa Germain)

Middle East Distribution: Film Clinic Distribution

World Sales: Best Friends Forever