Focus Features has announced at the Cannes Film Festival that Wim Wenders is currently working on his next documentary: Pope Francis – A MAN OF HIS WORD. This is not a film about Pope Francis, but rather a film project with him.

In conversation, the Pope discusses issues such as ecological responsibility, immigration, consumer behavior and social justice, addressing the audience directly.

It is a great exception in the history of the Vatican that the doors are opened to an external filmmaker so liberally. In addition to the privilege of talking to the Pope several times, Wim Wenders is given the opportunity to use exclusive material from the Vatican Archives.

As the film Pope Francis – A MAN OF HIS WORD is currently in production, there is still no date set for its release.

For press inquiries, please contact:

International Press – Charles McDonald

Italian Press – Nicoletta Billi

German Press – Karen Rudolph


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photo: Pope Francis – A MAN OF HIS WORD (c) 2018 CTV, Célestes, Solares, Neue Road Movies, Decia, PTS ART’s Factory/ photograph by Arturo Delle Donne