Location Scouting for JELLYFISH

We are excited to share some impressions of the location scouting for Hella Wenders’ feature film in development, JELLYFISH.

Joined by our producer, Léa Germain and our dramaturgical consultant, Willem Droste, the three discovered the beaches, streets and benches of Siculiana, Sicily last October.

We are looking forward to further develop the story!

Logline: CHIARA, an introvert 11-year-old girl from Germany, meets JO, a lively girl of the same age, during their summer vacation in Sicily. They discover a secret cove in a nature reserve where they spend a carefree time. Until they accidentally cause a fire and the mysterious 16-year-old GERINA threatens to tell on them.

All thanks to the support of @Creative Europe – Media. We’re also delighted to have received script funding by @Kuratorium junger deutscher Film!

©Willem Droste

© Léa Germain, Road Movies GmbH

© Léa Germain, Road Movies GmbH

© Léa Germain, Road Movies GmbH