Happy 70th Birthday, dear Wim!



The long and winding road. So sang the Beatles in 1970. Wim was just 25 years old then and since then what a journey it’s been.

Along the way we’ve witnessed his images, words and sounds. A photographer, painter, observer, explorer, storyteller, collector and cartographer. Is there anything he can’t do?

The journey with Wim allows us to see a new world. A world that encompasses his art. And whilst not all of his portraits show people, there’s a sense of humanity we can all feel part of.

Ingmar Bergman talks about the wonder of silence. Wim’s imagery instills silence and yet if we get lost on our journey his music guides us back.

We find ourselves at the junction of Wim’s 70th birthday. Neue Road Movies, Wenders Images, Wenders Music, the Wim Wenders Foundation along with all patrons, partners, companions and friends.

The engine continues to run. As we move onwards in this journey we see exciting stops ahead. On August 28th the IFC Center will open a film retrospective in New York and from September 17th, the Blain Southern Gallery will open a new photography exhibition in Berlin: Time Capsules. By the side of the road.

We look wistfully at what has come before, and look forward to what lies ahead !!!!